Thai massage
It is a very effective treatment. The masseur not only uses his hands without the whole body, for example, forearms, elbows, knees and feet. The clear focus is on energy points.
Thaimassage helps you with problems such as pain, stiffness and stress-related problems.
By squeezing and stretching the muscles of the body, the masseur softens the stiff muscles and joints. Which quickly and efficiently stimulates the elasticity of the connective tissue and increases blood flow. In this way, blockages are released and the body can recover, while feeling less stressed and well-off.
After a massage occasion, the massaged person usually feels relaxed and excited at the same time. The muscles feel stretched and many experience increased body awareness.

The massage can be performed with or without oil.

Oil massage
Is softer than the traditional Thai massage. Oil massage provides an emotional well-being and relaxing in a calm and harmonious environment. This is experienced as very relaxing. It is good for softening muscles, tissues and joints as well as releasing muscle tension. Provides a calm and relaxed body.

Relax massage
The stress-reducing massage focuses on relaxation and recovery. A very soft and gentle treatment. This massage does not work the muscles in the same deep physical way as a classic massage. Energy therapy is used to enhance the feeling of deep relaxation.

No sex is included in our services !!

The masseuses is fully dressed (not naked) in all treatments.